Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mommy, girls confuse me. (Homework Edition)

Ladies? Where does all this time come from? Should we as men be asking you too cook more? I mean something is going on you have too much free time... Well let me back up or move to the future. Its confusing. I'm typing this paragraph after the blog because what was written here was extremely sexist, it was a joke but worse then the joke I posted above. Yes, the above is a joke, kind of. :P

So I screwed up my Math midterm worth 20% and screwed up my Physics worth 8% and I studied for those two. Guess how the Sociology class I never studied for or took notes for went? I sit in class groaning at stupid feminist comments all the time. Thinking If I don't ace this class, I'm a moron. Yeah, so you can probably guess I aced that midterm (hopefully). I think so at least, its nothing to be proud of though, kind of sad.

Note I said "stupid feminist comments," it actually isn't that bad. ( I'm talking to men right now, I'm sure women are still fuming about that. I like to assume a lot.) Sociology is very interesting and it makes a lot of sense, the Sociology class I am taking is about family relations and it touches on roles people play in the family and how it changes over time and why they are the way there are. Anyways that's not the story... Now back to things that are sad.

Whats more sad then me not getting an A in that class is the amount of time girls put into studying. Let me rephrase that, the amount of time girls put into studying is commendable and impressive. However, it scares me and makes me wish the class is not scaled. But I will explain why it can be considered sad.

Here is a example we had a homework question, WORTH NO MARKS. It was a sentence long question, so I answered it with a few sentences. A few point form answers. When I handed it in, I felt like not doing it at all. Some girls wrote three page essays. Yes I tend to exaggerate at times, do not regret it and will do so in future blogs. But this is not a exaggeration. I say multiple girls with three pages of paragraphs. Why three pages? BECAUSE I saw them flip through it looking for mistakes. For a assignment not worth anything. Now i know all girls don't do this, but this was a nice chunk of the class. It was kind of scary.

So if lets say I get a A on this test and many of the kids get a A+. This is bad for me, if the class is scaled. I'm pretty sure it is not scaled so it should be all good. Anyways peace out.

I really need to fall a sleep and this isn't helping. This is the second post on the first night of the blog. I'm still 100%.

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