Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Killed iPhone and Laptop Wireless Adapter at same time


So while trying to study for the quiz on Wed July 21. I decided to downgrade my iPhone to 3.1.2 because 4.0 was very slow. Lets say I got halfway there and my iPhone kind decided to just not do anything. Then after a few resets I got it to go into recovery mode/DFU. Then I needed to use software ( I used RecBoot ) to take it out of Recovery Mode.

So I downloaded and ran the program. It killed my laptop. The network adapter stopped working, the keys and peripherals stopped working. I tried to restore to an older point only to remember I didn't have any restore points saved.

I went into safe mode with networking... no luck still didn't work. Tried to connect to internet using a wire nothing...

So now my phone was dead and I couldn't call Rogers and I couldn't go online to search this.

So I went on a 2nd computer and tried on that, nothing.

For some reason restore to old configuration worked. I got the laptop back and internet but none of the USB slots worked.... so had to go to device manager uninstall each USB separate and reinstall. finally got the iPhone to work. but now every time i restart my computer my usb slots don't work. also my computers font changed to extra small even tho the settings are on default... its weird.

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