Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Taxi to the dark Side" didn't hit me that hard.

I saw Taxi to the Dark Side yesterday, it's a good movie. It won a Oscar, and It deserved it, very good documentary. I am not here to review it, there are many people who could do and have done a better job of that. So go Google it.

The reason I am madposting is that as I watched the movie and saw these horrific acts being done to humans, I was not angered. I just accepted it, as if these things happen in the world. I thought, well this is bad, poor guy. That was it, when I first saw the pictures of Abu Ghraib I was pissed, disgusted, horrified. I demanded justice, I wanted someone to pay. But as I saw more movies, and saw the pattern continue, and as I continue too see torture condoned and the definition of torture twisted. I begin to accept it. Just as I have accepted death and murder in third world countries as a every day occurrence.

A few years back in my life, I used to support torture to an extent. But as I see these video's and as I see how rules are bent. I don't think I could ever accept it. I think its really sad my brain works this way, it is almost like i have given up. But it is true, we are powerless to stop torture, it does occur everyday, and overtime we stop caring. Innocent prisoners can go into the category of it happens, along side of starving children, mines in playgrounds and all the other stuff that happened in the last century that I don't remember anymore. Kind of sad that I can't even think of it, but natural.

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