Wednesday, February 11, 2009

to be or not to be that is the question

Has anyone wondered where that comes from? Probably. Most people know that it is from Shakespeare. What does it mean? I did not know until now.

First of all its from Hamlet. Haven't read it probably should get on that, probably won't do it. So many books I want to read before it. Anyways, from the great and accurate knowledge of most websites on the web (HA!) the general consensus is:

Is it better to live or to die?

Seriously, that is the meaning. Kind of makes sense.

I have actually wondered about that. Like if if i died today so what? Ill be dead. This is non suicide of course. I'll go to heaven, hopefully, god willing, Inshallah. See, god? I'm not a heathen I do remember you, in my own way. In blogs... to make a weak point... moving on.

The only thing is I just think about the amount of pain it would cause my mother, I mean aside from all the other people it would hurt. I think I just could never wish to hurt my mother that way. I honestly don't fear death. If I die, I die. Can't do much about it. But is it better to die than to live sure if its your time, but if it causes people I love pain then no. It is not better. I can talk about this for hours and give different situation. As I'm sure you are thinking. HA HA.

I just realised YOU MIGHT not exist. This is first night and I have no readers.

Anyways. But ya. If death is a state of nothing, then who cares if you die right. If death is a state where you brain slows down time, and makes you feel really good and you subconscious kicks in and if you think you go to heaven you go to your version of heaven great. If you think you go to hell and you go to your own version of hell, sucks to be you. Or it could be that as you die your brain slows down time infinity and you just feel surreal and like when you wake up it feels good. Like the perfect morning.

I should really get to bed. Getting up at 6:30 am will suck. But waking up, all groggy feels good. Know what I mean imaginary reader?

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