Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I find you asshole at Dell I will kill you for wasting my day.

OK STEP ONE: if you certificates are being revoked or failing, you can not go to simple sites like gmail. Programs will not install or they will install and stop working, you are getting runtime errors, your drivers install fine but simple things like adobe dont work. CHECK YOUR DATE: the time might be fine, but the YEAR may be messed. read on...

So my computer stops working, I really could care less why, I knew I had to format. So I did, I formatted to back to Windows 7. It gave me problems, would not let me install anything, I spent a few hours trying to problem solve, nothing.

I decide maybe, it is because, I formatted after February 14, the last day to download Win 7 that is why a error is occurring. I know that does not make sense since I have a Win 7 key so it should work, because with a BETA you can screw up so you need to format multiple times. But just to because I could find no answers, and was sick of surfing forums, I went back to 32 bit Windows Vista.

Same problems, no program would install. Drivers worked fine, but programs would not work, sites would give me problems because the certificates were not valid. I was pissed, especially because windows update was not working on a legal copy of windows. But I decided to format again, to humour myself. Maybe I had screwed up. Same problem again.

So I call Dell.

Dell Guy: blah blah intro stuff

blah blah intro stuff reply

Dell Guy: How may I help you

I post above story

Dell Guy: OK, ...

(tells me to do some normal checks)

ME: listen I have tried all this stuff... its not a hardware issue

Dell Guy: Sir, I think I know what the problem is, but I will transfer you to software support


Dell Guy Software: Welcome to dell blah blah blah

ME: blah blah blah this is my problem

Dell Guy Software: Well sir I think I have the solution but it will cost you a one time payment of $49.99 or you can pay for a whole year of software support for $249.99.

ME: Wait, I formatted my computer, I haven't done anything. I used your computer and the CD for Vista that you provided. How could I have screwed up the computer. It is a simple security error and you know it, just tell me the solution is it my registry?

Dell Guy Software: Sir, Im sorry, I can't help you, you are not covered for software support.

ME: Can I talk to your manager? I am not going to pay for this, Its a problem in the computer that I did not cause... so cover it

Dell Guy Software: Sir, you are not covered for this call, you need to pay before you can talk to us.

ME: (Fuck this isn't a fucking 1-900 number so i ain't paying you) OK man, w.e. BYE

So i go and format again to windows ultimate. maybe this will fix the problem...


Some how I accidentally clicked on my time date and realized that the god damn computer clock was set to the perfect time but the year 6449. So drivers worked because they have no time limit. But all the programs and windows was expired.

So the asshole at dell wanted to charge me money for telling me to change my time to 2009.
I wasted my whole day working on this. So now I'm too lazy to change from my copy of vista to windows 7. I have a day wasted.

Anyone who thinks I should have paid the guy? I mean come on, I'm sure other people have had this problem just tell me. Sure if he was going to make me do tests, or because I screwed something up I would be fine. But this is just wrong. I used to like DELL.



  1. I hate Dell. With a fucking passion. My laptop sucks, Vista sucks, and customer support sucks. They did, however, replace my laptop after weeks of bitching that my brand new computer wasn't turning on.

  2. I have had my motherboard replaced 3 times my video card replaced once and my bluetooth module replaced once.

    I keep asking for a new computer but they don't do it. :(. And oh I have bitched trust me.