Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reading, How I miss thou.

As I grew up I was big into fiction. Hardy Boy for mysteries and Animorphs, even before that I was so much into reading that I would go into the children section and max out my library card, fifty books and be done before the end of the week, before it was time for my parents to take me again in the summers. Reading competitions in class? I killed them, I destroyed the other kids, my teacher wrote a letter to my parents to make sure I actually read all the books they signed that said I read. Fun times, ahh, Goosebumps were the books to read back then, especially the ones where you would choose your own future. They were these interactive books, I was very into to them for a few months. Then there was the non-fiction books, about dinosaurs and medieval times, the weapons, castles and moats. Books on guns, and my favorite books to read: Books on flying and airplane. I worshiped the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

It is uncanny really now that I think about it, books were the only things that tamed me, normally I am outgoing, energetic, loud mouth can't be still kind of guy. Normally I have a extremly short attention span, that is why I do my blogs very quickly. I usually have another idea I want to write about and want to get this over with. Like right now I want to right about How and Why to Piss People Off.But back then reading calmed me down, I sat eight hours straight to read Hairy Potter Goblet of Fire from beginning to end. I mean I can go on about how literature is great and it helped me in the academic field, because it did help me, a lot. But I am not here to do that. Reading back then was magical to be quite honest. It was the closest thing I have to experiencing magic, because imgination back then was way better than TV. I hate the movies that come out after books, I go to watch them because I can't will myself not too. But movies spoil books for me, they ruin the pictures in my mind and just kill the whole magical aura of the book.

I want to address how literature, gave me a imagination. I did not care about TV or movies. I wanted to read, gain knowledge and escape. My mother would actually tell me to stop reading and watch TV or do something but read because it consumed my world. It's now a joke in the extended family, when someone reads and isn't paying attention to what is going on around him/her, oblivious to the world. My extended family says, " Stop reading like Mubashshir, and do this...".

I really miss it, maybe its my childhood I miss. But from my childhood, my fondest memories are of reading. I remember when I read the first Harry Potter book wow. Or Silverwing books by Kenneth Oppel who I met by the way in elementary school. Its funny because I still remember the day perfectly, I said a wrong fact about the book when asking a question and embarrassed myself.

Currently, I don't read much. But I am a fan of Karen Lowachee, she wrote these three books, Warchild, Burndive and Cagebird. Warchild is the best but its cool to follow up what happens afterwards by reading Burndive and Cagebird. Hopefully she releases more with the same characters.

I will do some good reading over the summer, that is my goal now.

OMG I ALMOST FORGOT: ROALD DAHL and my favorite book of his The Witches. I mean this man is a genius, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

By the way who wrote the book about the Cricket in the match book? Was that Roald Dahl?

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  1. Honestly the shitty textbooks with grammatical errors they give you in post secondary have ruined my passion for literature.
    Way to fail yourself education.